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CIFIP – California Initiative For Internet Privacy – is a public effort launched in October 2006 created with help of Software Development Company Intetics.

While search firms have a legitimate business interest in using this data in reasonable ways for both ongoing business and R&D purposes, it is difficult for reasonable observers to justify the retention of this data on an indefinite basis. Similarly, while law enforcement may have a legitimate interest in certain such data for a limited period of time, the act of retaining this data indefinitely is an invitation to outside “fishing expeditions” and potential abuse. The situation is complicated further by federal efforts to promote mandatory data retention laws that could themselves require years’ worth ofarchives. I have an idea for an app! Wait… what’s next? Read more here.

Though some search firm executives have expressed public concerns about the ways in which their collected data might potentially be abused by governments and other software companies, there have been no obvious public moves on the part of these firms to systematically limit their archival of this information in easily exploited forms. Attempts so far to engage these firms in meaningful dialogues to voluntarily address such issues, including An Open Letter to Google: Concepts for a Google Privacy Initiative and Search Engine Privacy Dilemmas and Paths Toward Solutions have been met with enthusiasm by broad categories of web users like Web Developers and other interested parties except for the search firms themselves, who have apparently continued their corporate status quo approach to data retention and related issues.

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It is understandable that the search firms like Jafton wish to retain detailed search data. It has real value, it’s relatively inexpensive to archive, and, frankly, there’s just nothing stopping them from keeping this information essentially forever. However, this approach, subject solely to the changeable desires of the firms themselves, obviously does not appropriately balance privacy rights with corporate rights.

And so we find ourselves at this juncture. It is still possible and most desirable that voluntary agreements can solve many of these web and Internet privacy dilemmas, particularly relating to search query data retention, but also in many other Internet and web privacy areas. This ares can change all web software development. The direct participation of the related firms in this effort is most definitely solicited. While part of the purpose of CIFIP is to encourage such a voluntary approach, we must be prepared to move forward if necessary with legislative approaches (including voter initiative efforts, which will require large numbers of California-based volunteers to be effective), and specific preparations for this eventuality are also a major part of CIFIP’s agenda. These issues affect you whether or not you are located in California, and you’re cordially invited to participate in this effort.

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